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Welcome to Sageify - your spot for Hot Takes

There are many reasons you might be reading this right now. Maybe you are a friend of ours and we forwarded you the link. Or a family member that stumbled upon this via Facebook or another site we probably shouldn't have advertised this on. Or maybe you're just a passerby with a penchant for hot takes that finally found the right site for you. Either way, we're glad you're here!

Sage by definition is one venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom. Hopefully you feel the irony already -- this started as a site for a few friends to put their previously verbal 'hot takes' on paper, of which many were often founded after a pint or three, and commonly without a whole lot of experience, judgment, or wisdom to back them up. However, aside from the humor aspect we always agreed that we appreciate our ability to openly debate. To debate ideas without deep ideological viewpoints clouding the room, and with the comfort of speaking freely and often ridiculously driving the content we discuss.

Who are we? Well, we're just like you. A group of friends from different backgrounds and varying viewpoints, coming together to bullshit and share a few hot takes every once in a while. This started as a phenomenon called 'Hot Take Fridays' amongst friends, and grew into this... the exact same thing typed out.

Who are you? We're hoping you're someone open to the same occasionally ridiculous ideas that we are, and more importantly someone that can contribute to the conversation. Use this as a forum to challenge the status quo, and insert your half-baked opinion too! Trust us, that's all we're doing.

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