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Hot Take: "a piece of commentary, typically produced quickly in response to a recent event, whose primary purpose is to attract attention"

Welcome to Sageify, the sage page for hot takes. We aim to include facts, many opinions, and rarely political correctness. Enjoy!

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Sageify is your home for Hot Take Fridays

Tune in every week for new takes, and don't be shy to send us your own.

Fire Show
Image by Nathan Lindahl
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Want to see your hot take on the site? Send us your info, and your take, and we'll be in touch!

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To generate chaos. We're kidding! Our mission is to generate healthy, and sometimes silly, debate. In this world many of us take ourselves way too seriously and don't know how to have a good debate. Grab a beer, sit down with a friend, and use this as a starting point.

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